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Phases of construction

Our map’s construction started in 2019 and it is already recognised as a great resource for planning your holiday here in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Phase one will be to get places of interest onto the map with the ability for mobile devices to take you there and a website link to provide further reading.

Phase two will be to update place descriptions and add 360 degree street view to each place of interest. This gives a great visual interaction on your mobile device and allows you to explore the immediate area.

Phase three will be to plot our recommendations for food and accommodation, where any bookings will be done with the establishment owners themselves rather than the big online booking companies who may well take a cut of the booking to the detriment of the establishments.

Further information will be updated here in due course, so do get on board with us now in our development stage. We’d love to hear from you.

Why our map was built

The need to explore is an inner motivation, heralded by the many number of touring leaflets we find everywhere. Our personal motivation is taken from the want to finds days out in Britain and Ireland when on holiday or relaxing at the weekend.

There are also a lot of independent sites which detail places to visit in the form of text, but this map hopes to bring them together visually in one place. With personal research and with thanks to the hard work of like minded contributors who are already out there touring Britain.

Places to visit in Britain and Ireland are being placed as markers onto a responsive map that can be viewed on computers and mobile devices. The map allows for a search, or you can browse through the places of interest.

On our journey, we plan to freely support our hard working tourist industry.

Visualise your days out in the UK

Plan your days out in the UK using our points of interest markers plotted on the map to decide how you will fill your free day time on holiday. Search or browse the map and then click on each marker to see more information about each place. Each marker will eventually include Google Streetview and map of the location to explore with a brief snippet of information to help you see and explore what the place is all about before your visit.

The map will simplify the process of locating touring leaflets when you arrive in an area, by letting you explore places to see near you.

Seven Sisters - Our touring reference map of days out in the UK

Our reference is a free and visual guide of great places to see in Britain and Ireland. This is tourist information visualised organised from many different and familiar touring categories including national heritage, theme parks, things to do and more.

Even more places to visit are coming

We are updating the map daily so please bookmark our page so you’ll remember to return and watch our progress.

Start building your own website?

When we started out building websites, we used HostPresto on a recommendation. HostPresto has been around for a number of years and has always provided us with a great service at smashing prices. We have found that their 24 x 7 support tickets are dealt with at an impressive response rate in a friendly and informative manner.

Further information about HostPresto is linked here. This link will let them know that we sent you over.

The map we use for the best user experience

Once we signed up to HostPresto for our web hosting provision, we use WordPress for our pages as this is a well-used, updated and reliable content managed system.

Updates in technology over the last few years have culminated for us with the use of the excellent WordPress plugin: Travelers’ Map. The author, Camille Verrier is an extensive traveller and a programmer who has a passion for both multimedia creation and hiking.

Camille’s map is fast and flexible and copes easily with a large number of markers, each of which supports posts which we personally design, each post explaining the point of interest.

Be sure to explore his programming pages and follow his travels. You can also find Camille on Facebook and Instagram.

The map Icons collection is sourced from the wonderful Maps Icons Collection: created by Nicolas Mollet under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license (CC BY SA 3.0).

Contact us

If you are the owner or representative of a place or establishment, please feel free to contact us for free access to that location on our map.

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