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We’ve been really busy.

We’ve been working our way through, plotting museums and national places of interest on the map. The list of locations we’re adding will grow all the time.

The idea is that each location is linked to a post on our website, and each of these posts will contain a streetview from Google maps, a short concise description of the place and a link to their website.

We get the streetview by dragging the yellow person (bottom right of the Google maps screen) to the location of the place on Google maps. There are then options there on the screen to ’embed’ (three vertical dots, top left) the streetview and Google provides the code to paste into our pages.

Also, there are a lot of budding photographers out there who are more than happy to have a photographs of these locations added to the post with credits. This can be achieved by adding a link to an image in our posts via a URL (a file address obtained from the right click of the mouse when the pointer is hovering over the image)

Google images is great for this as in the ‘tools’ button section, there is the option to select ‘useage rights’ and in that dropdown menu, selecting ‘labelled for re use’. We then double check what useage rights the photographer wants. That’s usually a link back to them.

So we thought; why not see how things go by letting visitors edit locations if they want to? And there is now the facility for you to log in, explore and any changes you make will come to us first for review. You may even enjoy doing this.

Of course this is purely voluntary; a hobby. We’ll reserve the right to edit and we’ll assign you credit. To be honest, it’s going to be a journey of discover for us too, so we’ll review how things go based on how this website glue holds and what you think to it. What’s the worst that could happen!

So with more locations coming, you’re free to create places too, but do bear in mind that there are many scores of places we hold in the background waiting to be created in due course, so your new content could be augmented. But that’s great.

White cliffs
Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay 

So use the links at the bottom of the page to log in and explore. Any questions, you can contact us through our email: or through Facebook and Twitter links on this page.

Have fun!

Page image by David Mark from Pixabay Do check him out.


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